Engineers Without Borders – Sudan

Engineering solution to societal challenges

Engineers without borders Sudan aims to target, poor and developing regions in Sudan gain access to clean water, proper sanitation, provide solar electrification for communities and reduce associated water borne diseases.

Some of the worst diseases that affect and spread across impoverished communities are reduced and eradicated through the construction of simple engineering practices such as separating clean water sources from contaminated water, or providing access to a clean water source that is not susceptible to ingress from human or animal waste.

About Us


We are a non-profit organisation whose income lies solely on private donations.

EWB-Sudan shares the mission to partner with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through education and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while promoting new experience for engineers, students, and similarly motivated non-engineers.

How You Can Help

Wastewater Management

Wastewater management is a key component to health risk management.

The failure of proper wastewater disposal methods and adequate toilet facilities increase the pollution of soil and ground water discharge of untreated wastewater into both the White and Blue Niles.

Laying the Pipework

Through adequate network of pipelines separating stormwater from roads, cost effective easier to build khoir (open channels) divert flood water away from contaminated areas and provide local infrastructure for wastewater drainage pipelines.

Solar Energy

Having access to a clean energy source such as from a deep well depends on the ability to pump the water from the well which may be upto 200m deep. Solar energy provides power to pump wells in regions that do not have energy infrastructure. The clean water can be used for local communities, irrigation and storage.

Did you know

Less than 6% of Sudans population have access to adequate sanitation

Hassan.B. Hussien – Country Profile Report

495 trucks with a capacity ranging from 3000-6000 gallons are commissioned per day , depositing daily waste water of 7500m3 in open reservoirs due to the lack of piped sanitation

Engineers Without Borders – Sudan



With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.